Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Biopsy Results

Family members, I realize you will be reading this for the first time. We haven't called because we don't have all the info yet and I was still "processing" and couldn't really talk about it. So please do not be upset, alarmed by what you read. I will know more tomorrow night and we might call then.
Monday I went to see Dr. L for my post op appointment. He checked my incision and promptly told me to get dressed so we could talk. Not a good sign. My incision is healing nicely and most of the soreness is gone. He came back in. He told me he received the biopsy results on Friday but didn't want to ruin my weekend. In the mass that he removed, which was mostly fibrous cystic material, the pathology team found 2mm of Lobular Carcinoma in-situ (LCIS). It sounds like breast cancer but in reality it is a tumor marker. Here is a good quick blurb on what it means. I don't have all the details and don't remember most of what Dr. L told me as I was shocked they found something. I boo hooed for about 36 hours and am now just resting in HIM awaiting tomorrows appointment with the oncologist. Yeah how do you like that I don't have cancer but I now have an oncologist! Threw me for a loop too. Dr L will see me again in 3 weeks to review everything. He really is a nice guy and I found out Monday he goes to our church. John believes his wife used to help in a Sunday school class. I am o.k. with this news now but needed time to process it all before I shared.


Robin said...

I think it would take me a couple of weeks to process information like that. :hug:

I'm praying.

Dade City Grandparents said...

So sorry to hear you got that news.
We are glad that they have found this early. We are praying for you and hoping for the God's best for you.