Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From that to this.....

A little post of comparisons.

From 4900 sq ft with 4 bathrooms
To under 400 sq ft with 4 wheels
From this lovely multiple butt multiple half gallons of blue bell
To a one butt kitchen (if you are lucky and haven't had much blue bell)

There is more comparisons but I will let you gawk at these for a bit :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Living the high life

We have electric, water, filtered water even, and a washing machine, and as of last night a dryer!!  We are finding our groove here.

John travels to a drop in office each day.  I school the children each day.  The big girls work on their stuff in the bunkhouse, Ian works on his work on the couch in the middle of the trailer, and the littles and I commandeer the master bed.

Every Wednesday our porta potty gets cleaned and restocked with toilet paper.  Every evening we work on the out building.  At least once a day we drain gray 1 (shower water).

Each Tuesday when I pick up my daughter from dance carpool I raid our deep freeze that friends are graciously housing for us for the next weeks worth of meals.

Yep the high life :)

The real house is still in the bidding process.  We wait....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where were we?

Well, after spending a month at the koa we needed to move. They were going to double our rates and we were blowing through gas driving everywhere. So on a day after two days of torrential downpours we hooked the trailer up and towed it to the property. We got stuck...in the mud...in the rain. After hauling cut cedar and jamming it under the wheels we managed to pull it onto the pad we had built. We managed two nights with cooler temps and then some friends offered us the use of their house for a month while they traveled. Convenient enough it was in our old neighborhood. Life was good :)

Our oldest turned sixteen, our middle one got braces, both cars decided to break down, the electric pole was dropped ( but still no electric) and it became Texas hot. Those are all my excuses for not blogging. I'll catch you up more on our adventure later this week. Right now I'm missing my wash machine and dishwasher... And a bed that doesn't shake the whole trailer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Handy (wo)man even for a trailer

Just because one lives in a brand new trailer doesn't mean there are not maintenance items that need to be addressed.  Yesterday armed with a phillips screwdriver I added three coat hooks to various walls, installed a hand towel rack and the toilet paper holder.  I was unable to get the bunkhouse door to latch again.  I have one hinge off but I need to get John's help to rehang the door.  As it was his birthday yesterday I did not press him into any of my honey do lists.

Out on the property John was busy working on the frame for the trailer pad and also building a lean-to attachement to the shed (to cover bikes and such)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The simple life

here we are coming up on a week at the KOA.  Life is simple. So simple this is the first time in over a week I have sat down to a desktop computer.  The joy of a full size keyboard and a mouse....and a screen I don't need to squint at to see.
Life has slowed dramatically.  Laundry is done at friends houses or at the laundry here at camp.  All five kids are now home, leading to new dynamics.  Tense moments, tears, and grumpiness.  But overall we are doing well. We had several visitors last night.  My sister went out to dinner with us and then came to see our new digs.  While she was here our family friends stopped over.  We sat outside and talked and laughed and watched the kids scooter.  We served up ice cream in paper bowls with forks because all the spoons were dirty.
The property is coming along.  We got the water pump working so we can use those 1500 gallons in the tank.  The well should start in two weeks.  We also met with the designer and he is getting back to us with new plans.  It is very exciting to see things moving forward.
John is working off site as he has had issues with his work computer connecting wirelessly.  It is well and good since it is loud and cramped in here.
There are no pictures with this post as they are all on my phone and this is John's computer.  Mine is laying on the bed with cables in a box in the back of my truck.
Life is simple and good.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The adventure continues...

Well we closed on the house on the 7th. Family and friends kept us going by stepping in and helping us pack and clean. We finally finished up around 3 am on the 7th. We signed papers and eagerly awaited the wire transfer, you know the one we needed to get the trailer, we waited and then waited right through Friday which bumped is to Monday. Our friends said not a word as our stay was extended.
We sent one boy off to camp on Sunday reducing the count under one roof to 11.
Monday the money showed and we were off to get the trailer. We parked it at the property and got the generator running. It was a gas hog and just wasn't working out well. We ended up at the local KOA. We signed up for a month. Hey free showers and a pool. It's all good. More later as I'm typing on my phone... ya know because we don't have our Internet up yet.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A new season...The adventure begins

Obviously it has been awhile since my last post.  Many things were happening in my life and I lost my ability to multitask.  I had some health issues that needed taking care of (nothing too serious and I'm keeping the details close to the silicon for now) and am just now coming to a point where I feel like writing again.
This time around I will be journaling our adventure of moving from a 4900 sq ft house to a 35 ft trailer on 5 acres!  We purchased 5 acres back in February, put our house on the market and waited.  Our house closes on June 7 and we will move onto the property on June 8.
Should be fun with 7 people, a border collie, 5 acres and tight quarters.  Come along and see who survives... feel free to count the grey hairs as they sprout on my head!
In the meantime I need to pack!