Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where were we?

Well, after spending a month at the koa we needed to move. They were going to double our rates and we were blowing through gas driving everywhere. So on a day after two days of torrential downpours we hooked the trailer up and towed it to the property. We got the the rain. After hauling cut cedar and jamming it under the wheels we managed to pull it onto the pad we had built. We managed two nights with cooler temps and then some friends offered us the use of their house for a month while they traveled. Convenient enough it was in our old neighborhood. Life was good :)

Our oldest turned sixteen, our middle one got braces, both cars decided to break down, the electric pole was dropped ( but still no electric) and it became Texas hot. Those are all my excuses for not blogging. I'll catch you up more on our adventure later this week. Right now I'm missing my wash machine and dishwasher... And a bed that doesn't shake the whole trailer.