Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Living the high life

We have electric, water, filtered water even, and a washing machine, and as of last night a dryer!!  We are finding our groove here.

John travels to a drop in office each day.  I school the children each day.  The big girls work on their stuff in the bunkhouse, Ian works on his work on the couch in the middle of the trailer, and the littles and I commandeer the master bed.

Every Wednesday our porta potty gets cleaned and restocked with toilet paper.  Every evening we work on the out building.  At least once a day we drain gray 1 (shower water).

Each Tuesday when I pick up my daughter from dance carpool I raid our deep freeze that friends are graciously housing for us for the next weeks worth of meals.

Yep the high life :)

The real house is still in the bidding process.  We wait....