Monday, February 8, 2010

The SUN has set.......

after 13 years John was laid off by SUN microsystems.  Oracle's buyout of them finally was approved and after watching a webcast of both sets of executives wearing "Now Hiring" buttons the call came that they were not hiring John.  Their loss.  We didn't panic as we had just finished taking FPU and had an emergency fund, and John would be receiving a severance package.  Turns out John never had a day off.  He started work as a contractor today (well he was supposed to but he is down with a bout of brochitis, on the mend)  The only downside to the new job is it is an office job.  So the good days of having him home all day are gone.  But I thank God that he was home for a season especially during my recent surgeries and recovery.

The pictures in this post are from our beach trip.  Avery took a dunk in the gulf and we had to strip her and put john's fleece on her.