Thursday, June 14, 2012

The adventure continues...

Well we closed on the house on the 7th. Family and friends kept us going by stepping in and helping us pack and clean. We finally finished up around 3 am on the 7th. We signed papers and eagerly awaited the wire transfer, you know the one we needed to get the trailer, we waited and then waited right through Friday which bumped is to Monday. Our friends said not a word as our stay was extended.
We sent one boy off to camp on Sunday reducing the count under one roof to 11.
Monday the money showed and we were off to get the trailer. We parked it at the property and got the generator running. It was a gas hog and just wasn't working out well. We ended up at the local KOA. We signed up for a month. Hey free showers and a pool. It's all good. More later as I'm typing on my phone... ya know because we don't have our Internet up yet.

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Lauren said...

Wow! What an adventure you guys are on! I am a little jealous. You're gonna have some great family time and make life-long memories, that is for sure! When ever you need a break - you know where we live... there's always some rooms for you! :)