Monday, June 18, 2012

The simple life

here we are coming up on a week at the KOA.  Life is simple. So simple this is the first time in over a week I have sat down to a desktop computer.  The joy of a full size keyboard and a mouse....and a screen I don't need to squint at to see.
Life has slowed dramatically.  Laundry is done at friends houses or at the laundry here at camp.  All five kids are now home, leading to new dynamics.  Tense moments, tears, and grumpiness.  But overall we are doing well. We had several visitors last night.  My sister went out to dinner with us and then came to see our new digs.  While she was here our family friends stopped over.  We sat outside and talked and laughed and watched the kids scooter.  We served up ice cream in paper bowls with forks because all the spoons were dirty.
The property is coming along.  We got the water pump working so we can use those 1500 gallons in the tank.  The well should start in two weeks.  We also met with the designer and he is getting back to us with new plans.  It is very exciting to see things moving forward.
John is working off site as he has had issues with his work computer connecting wirelessly.  It is well and good since it is loud and cramped in here.
There are no pictures with this post as they are all on my phone and this is John's computer.  Mine is laying on the bed with cables in a box in the back of my truck.
Life is simple and good.

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