Monday, September 14, 2009

Several Tear Free Days

I've managed several tear free days.  Friday my sister came and watched the kids while John and I escaped.  We went to a local restaurant we hadn't been to before.  It was very uncrowded for a Friday night.  We enjoyed great conversation and had a marvelous time.  I got to play with my food as I ordered Alaskan Snow Crab legs.  Very yummy but rich.  We then walked the mall to ease our full stomachs.  We were home by 9:30.  Saturday we had a busy day of getting two of the kids to various training, birthday parties and sleepovers.  At one point we only had two kids at home!  Ian is officially certified in Basic Aid Training.  He will earn his Readyman Activity Badge for Webelos.  Claire beefed up her LIT training for AWANA.  The older girls then headed for a party up the street, and Ian headed out for a sleepover.   I was too busy to cry on Saturday.  Sunday I finally allowed myself hugs from those that care at church.  I got a little weepy but I did ok.  Besides I had 34 K'ers to teach the virtue of wisdom to!
Today we hit the books.  We have been making our way through some incomplete work. Everyone is caught up in Bible, Math, Handwriting (except Avery), and the boys are almost caught up in Spelling.  We have quite a bit of History to wade through and science for the littles but slowly I feel human again.  It helps that my laptop stays downstairs now as my sister gave me her old PC to use for my homeschooling software.  Less distraction.  We should be caught up in 2 weeks when we will use our 7th week for any incomplete work.  The kids are motivated to get it done as they will have a free week if they do.
Next doc appointment is with my surgeon on Monday.


Lauren said...

I'm glad you got some relief this weekend and kept busy. Hang in there sis!

Hua said...

HI Traci, It sounds like you have a wonderful support network. Keep the strength up, I"m sure you will make it!

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Natalie said...

Just checking in and praying for you, Traci.