Monday, September 28, 2009

2 down one to go and our decision if you hadn't guessed

With the whirl wind feel-like-an-80-year-old woman 2/3 behind me I will give a little update.  At the dentist she tried to upsell me.  Bleck leave me and my mouth alone.  So I listened and declined any further treatment.  I have "cavities" she has wanted to fill since 2007 and they haven't gotten any worse.  I don't have pain and really never believed I had 10 cavities then anyways.  The ones  I let her do I have had to have one redone and now I have sensitivity.  In 6 months or a year I will find a new dentist.  Appointment with the surgeon went well.  We told him of our decision and we talked about what it involved and his part in it.  We got his opinion on a few things and concurred with his advice.  He thinks we can get the surgery completed way before Thanksgiving.  More like in the next couple of weeks.  I am scheduling two appointments with plastic surgeons.  I am hoping to have this done this week since we are technically off school.  John went with me to the appointment and we just feel great about Dr L doing the surgery.  He has a great bedside manner.  He spent so long with us that when we left the waiting room was a little full opps:)  But he never rushed us.
Story of my life though as we are dropping our 3 littlest off at a friends house for her to watch during my appointment (two bigs were headed off to choir and piano) the oncologists office calls (second call from them today) Turns out they want me to have a breast mri and it was never ordered.  She will call me back after she asks Dr S if he still wants to see me in the am.  Calls me back while I am in the waiting room (luckily it was just John myself and the receptionist) yes he does want me to have the mri and won't see me tomorrow.  I ask her again because in our last meeting he felt I was too small chested to have an mri that would be worth anything and since I am having the bilateral mastectomy is it really necessary?  Oh she says let me go talk to him again.  In the meantime the receptionist is giggling because under my breath I muttered MRI them after they are cut off, and they are too small to fit in the machine.  Office calls back "Now Dr S remembers why he didn't order an MRI" translation Right I remember those tiny breasts causing that poor young woman grief I'll see her tomorrow.
So there you have it.  Our final decision: Bilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.


BETHANY said...

I bet it's nice to just have the decision made!

TexasHeather said...

Chuckling with you about the MRI fiasco, and praying with you/for you as you move ahead with your decision and surgery.

I'm so glad that you found a doctor you are so comfortable with; that has to make a huge difference.

Lauren said...

Sounds like a plan. We are behind you 100%! I hope it can be done soon, so you can have this behind you.

Natalie said...

Following the updates and praying, Traci.