Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling like an 80 year old

In a span of about 23 hours I will have three doctors appointments.  Granted one is the dentist but still!  Good thing the kids have the week off school.   I will update tomorrow after the oncologists visit.  The only news I have had in the past week or so is lab results stating my vitamin D levels were low.  So I have been supplementing every day.  I got out in the sunshine Friday and Saturday as well with the kids.


Lorri said...

Hang in there! There are plenty of us "young on the outside, old on the inside" gals supporting you! :)

TexasHeather said...

I was thinking about you this morning, realizing it had been a while since I saw an update from you. I prayed for you then, and now here is your update. Praying anew for the doctor visits today, for continued strength and support from the Lord and those around you, and for the ability to rest and allow honest emotion when you need to.