Friday, April 3, 2009

Work in progress

I am a work in progress.  Last night however while driving to pick up Claire from Awana I was blaring KLOVE.  I love driving by myself (for short distances) so I can crank the music and just belt out the lyrics and let the tears roll.  Last night a new song was played.  It was ALWAYS by Building 429.  I tried to find a video of it but was only successful in finding an "about" video.  I was given a word and was working on a post in my head.  I need more quiet time to hash out what HE wants me to write.  So it is a work in progress.
On the other side of a work in progress is my heart.  My heart still grieves for the loss my sister in love and her husband have experienced.  My heart overflows with love for my husband.  My heart shines with pride as my children bless me, it clouds with frustration when they drive me nuts.  I am a work in progress.  My heart is a work in progress.  May God use me in my uncompleteness........

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