Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better day

Yesterday we made great headway in getting caught back up in all subjects.  We are not "behind" as really you can't be behind if you homeschool :).  We are however behind my original calendar that I did last July.  But ya know life happens, spontaneous trips to Paris happen, 2 weeks on the road with 1 week of recovery happen.  And that is the joy of homeschooling.  The ability to take our time, enjoy life and each other without being tied to any school district schedule.  I have set a goal for myself.... I am not to order the girls next Core until we are in week 34 of the current core.  Theoretically that is 9 weeks away.  It will give me time to really cement which aspects of the curriculum I want to use and which ones I want to change.  I will fill you in on what we choose over the next few weeks.


Lauren said...

Wow, I dont know how you stay on top of it all! How do you choose their curriculum? Does that mean you have to go through and read it all, then decide what you want to teach? If so, that sounds like a lot of work too! I can barely stay on track myself while trying to work form home. :)

Think of us tonight when we are attending mass in memory of our babies. 5 o'clock your time. Mom, Dad, Mimi, Papa, and some friends of ours are coming.

Say hello to all the kiddos!

Traci said...

I will share more in a later blog post but for the most part I order from Sonlight and it comes in a nice little box with the schedule all laid out :) I add in different things here and there. Not too hard.