Monday, April 6, 2009

School Work the good and the bad news

Somewhere along the road my kids pulled a school strike on me.  When it occurred I can't quite pin down.  But one by one they have all hit the wall.  So instead of starting week 26 we are completing all incomplete assignments.  The bad news is it means we will be schooling most likely through June.  The good news is we are actually getting a lot done.  Good news is Neil has finished K math, is reading rather well, and is catching up in LA.  The Bad news is I have to keep my eye on him as he ping pongs around doing stuff he knows he shouldn't be doing.  Good news is Avery is cute, bad news is I found a stash of math sheets and bible pages stuffed in her desk UNDONE!  Hello she is 4, where did she learn this trick?  Good news is Ian has caught up in some subjects but his 4 week long experiment is in jeopardy of being neglected too many days in a row (thats the bad news) Good news is Hannah is mostly caught up in her math bad news LA is tragically behind (mostly my fault)  Good news is Claire has caught up in Bible, History, Critical Thinking and Science.  Bad news Math is horrifically behind but we are trudging through it slooooooooooowly!

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