Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News from the Surgeon

Awhile back I detected a lump. Yeah one of those "lumps". My gyn checked it out couldn't find it. She told me to come in again the next time it flared up. I did (seems to cycle with my cycle). She was able to palpate it and sent me for a mammogram and ultra sound. Those both came back normal but just to be safe she referred me off to the general surgeon. He and I agreed for a wait and see approach. I go back in 3 months sooner if it flares. It seems to be fibrous cystic tissue that flares due to hormones. So good news today. Next doctors appointment will be Avery's orthopedic in June to see where her MHE is.

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Lauren said...

So glad to hear the GOOD news!

I miss you guys! Can't wait for JULY to come!