Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rabbit Trails Anyone?

A fellow homeschool mom shared her rabbit trail story earlier and is sponsoring an event.

Our rabbit trail happened in Core 3 with my girls.  We came across an early governor of one of the fine states.  He shared our last name (even spelled right)  so we were off on  bunny trail trying to see if we were related some how.  My girls loved it because school stopped :)  Turns out he wasn't related directly but we sure did have fun reading some family history.


Dade City Grandparents said...

I have just been catching up your recent blogs. I am proud of you to take on home schooling. Raising kids for us was complicated and tiresome enough without the home schooling. Hopefully the "ups" overshadow the "downs" for you.

Tiffany said...

Rabbit trails are so fun and I regret to say that we haven't made time to go down one in longer than I can remember. That needs to change. I'll be on the look out for some bunny trails we can hop down soon!