Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waterproof Bible

Refreshing words on refreshingly waterproof pages
I was incredibly excited to get my hands on a Waterproof Bible.  In my mind I was thinking that only the cover would be waterproof and not the pages.  I was wrong.  I love this Bible and its extreme ability to repel water and even dirt.  If you have an active lifestyle or a Boy Scout in your life then you are going to love this Bible.

You see I live on five acres of raw land (read lots of dirt).  We are having a house built on the front 2 1/2 acres while we live in a trailer and 400 sq ft outbuilding on the back.  We are raising 28 chickens and one very mud loving border collie.  We live in dirt and when it rains we live in mud.  We have ruined countless things over the last 10 months by accidentally leaving then in the rain.  Books mostly are the victims.  With a beautiful swath of land we often sneak outside to find a space to spread out and have some quiet time.  The problem came when I would be called in to pluck a cactus thorn or find a random item in the underbelly of the trailer, my book would get left outside.  Without a doubt it would sprinkle, rain or mist heavily overnight and covers would get soggy.  With the waterproof Bible however that was never the case.  My KJV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs arrived in the mail on a day in which I was mourning, it was unfazed by my tears and I watched as they just rolled off not only the cover but off the pages of Matthew as well.  Blessed are those that mourn.......

Here it sat
In an effort to test this Bible I left it out in an area we have deemed the "prayer garden".  It sat out on that table for almost 5 weeks.  It weathered several gully washers and frequent bouts of heavy dew.  I would just wipe it off and pick up my reading where I left off.  The makers of the Bible recommend the  use of a dry highlighter to mark on the waterproof pages, which have a very slick but not overly shiny look and feel to them.  I purchased such an item at my local Christian bookstore.  It is akin to a crayon and works very well on the pages of the waterproof Bible. It did not bleed, run or wipe off when the Bible got its dunking.
Dry highlighter after it took a swim
My son obliges the dunking
For further proof of its waterproofness I dropped it in my friends pool.  I hesitated before doing so because it just goes against all I was raised with to willingly dunk the bible.  My son however was game and dropped it in for me.  Upon pulling it out I saw that the cover was wet but the pages had remained dry.  So I fanned the pages and dropped it in open.  The whole Bible came out wet but not ruined.  I was able to wipe it down with a towel and set it up teepee style to finish drying, bonus it came out clean too :)

It doesn't float, but would be perfect for baptisms
Nice and wet but never soggy
In all honesty there is nothing bad that I can say about this product. It met and exceeded all my expectations

Bardin Marsee offers a full Bible for around $45 and the version that I got for about $25.  Several colors and translations are available on their website to fit anyones needs.  This product is perfect for my scout, but I will have to get him his own as mine is pink :)

If you or someone you know likes to take scriptures on the road less traveled I highly recommend this product.

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