Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classical Historian- a review

Hint #1 FUN

Answer: Classical Historian Ancient History Go Fish Game!  This deck of 50 sturdy cards is jammed packed with ancient history photos, illustrations and facts.  The deck comes with instructions for several games that can be played with the same deck.  Our family's two favorites were Go Fish and Collect a Card.  Go fish was excellent for at home.  I would take out the deck and we would play several variations.  One was where you asked in classic go fish style for a category ex. " Do you have any Ancient Egypt?" the other harder and slightly more cut throat version we played was asking for a specific card from a specific category.  My two kids ages 8 and 10 loved both variations and begged for just one more hand!
Another game that can be played with the same deck is called Collect the cards.  I use this one in the car while my husband is driving.  I start giving the hints on the cards and the person who guesses first gets the card.  It engages everyone in the car (::ahem:: even the driver).  It gave us talking points and a reason to shut off devices and the radio, a win in my book.

Yet another game involved setting out the continent cards and placing the remaining cards onto the pile of Where they took place.  This was a perfect review game for my little learners who have just finished up a year studying ancient history.

This deck of cards is so versatile and portable, at $11.95 it is also a great value to supplement anyone's  study of Ancient History.  It was fun to add a fun yet competitive element to our studies.  
Classical Historian offers a other time periods as well as a full history curriculum.

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