Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spanish For You

My ninth grade daughter has been asking to take a foreign language, never mind that she is taking Latin.  She considers Latin a dead language and not worthy of being called foreign, just dead!  So when the opportunity to review a Spanish curriculum came along I gladly agreed.

Spanish For You is a multi level, simple, and cost effective Spanish curriculum.  The package I received was Fiestas for grades 3-8.  Now my daughter is 9th grade but she was not bored with the program.  The program is both hard copy and digital.  The workbook is a 45 page soft cover book.  The lesson plans and worksheets are downloadable pdfs.  The same book is used for all the grade levels while the worksheets are grade based.  Audio files of the workbook being read are also included.
My daughter and I sat down and printed out the first few weeks of lessons plans for grades 7-8.  The program sets it up for a four day week.  Perfect for those families who attend a co-op or the like one day a week.  The lessons per day are easily completed in a timely matter.  My daughter enjoyed the fact that the lessons and vocabulary were centered around Fiestas and not just random boring vocabulary.   You can choose from different themes too in order to engage your student according to their interests.
She created her own flashcards, although Spanish for you does include pictures for flashcards she chose to do her own.

We found the material was presented a bit disorganized in the book.  My daughter needed some time to orient herself with the material. With that said she can function with the material just fine now.  
 Spanish For You is incredibly affordable!  For grades 3-8 the curriculum package is $64.95.  You get all levels for that price!  If you want just one level it is $39.95.  Honestly after using some other programs this one is a steal!  The author is also very quick to respond to questions and feedback.  A huge plus with any program. My only disappointment is that she doesn't offer more languages :)

In our homeschool I just used it with my ninth grader.  However, this summer I plan on using it as a boredom buster/hide from the heat activity for my third and fourth grader.

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