Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How's that for planning....

I set my blog planner aside and as you can see it did this site absolutely no good!  In my defense I have been dog tired!  Guessing my iron is low again but not wanting to go in for a blood draw.  I'll start popping those iron pills again and see how it goes.
In other news the chickens got to be too big for their corral and we moved 29 out to the coop tonight.  3 of them became injured today and will remain in the corral until they are healed.  Gosh they got big fast.
The house foundation has been poured and framing has started.  Plywood siding went on today.  We are so excited to walk through the house and be able to see rooms and bathrooms!  All pictures are on my phone so I will have to get them downloaded tomorrow.
In other exciting news Hannah got her braces off today!

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