Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blog planner review

I blog mostly when the mood hits me, something important happens in the family or when I have a review to write. I did not think I had a need for a blog planner. After all my blog is very unplanned. However, for our first review on the new review team that I joined we were to review a free blog planner. I looked over our choices and selected the free planner designed and offered by confessionsofahomeschooler. What I liked about this planner is it is simple. I like simple! The design of it is also girly with swirls and such, which makes me smile each time I open it up. Now for a girl who has decidedly unplanned her blog having a blog planner was an interesting concept. I guess my biggest surprise about this product is that I actually enjoy planning my blog now. She has a few layout styles to choose from.  The layout style I chose of the planner is such that I can see in a quick glance how long it has been since I last blogged. Lots of blank lines means I need to upload some pictures and get writing. You can see evidence of that in the picture below!  I can pencil in when my review posts are due and plan around those too. It also offers space to jot some information about my reviews on the facing page making the whole month available at once. It has handy check boxes that allow you to record whether you posted to Facebook, twitter, etc. There are also checkboxes to help you keep track of which posts are giveaways or reviews.

The best part of this blog planner is that it is free! I printed the 15 double sided pages at home. I spent $3 having it spiral bound with plastic covers at my local office supply store. So for a fraction of cost this unplanning blogger has turned her ways to a planning blogger thanks to this planner.

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Heather Rose-Chase said...

I'm afraid this would take all the fun out of blogging for me, making it more like work than something I do for pleasure. Too much like homework or grading papers or something. Plus I don't like the idea of a paper product to track something done online (is there an app or something that would do the same thing?). I'm glad it seems to inspire you and hope to see more posts here though! I love reading about your life!

Jennifer said...

Great review! I especially like the action shots of your planner in use. :)