Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Monday

 I am trying to get back into cooking.  It hasn't been easy with a micro kitchen and 7 mouths to feed.  I am used to bulk cooking.  However in an effort to reduce our packaged and fast food intake this week I created a menu by browsing a friends blog and of course pinterest!
Monday- Burritos.  I have in the past used Bethany's refried without the refry beans recipe.  I threw a big ole double batch in the crockpot but they won't be ready till later so I used the good ole can variety.
Tuesday- crockpot chicken and dumplings
Wednesday-Taco Soup (many recipes out there.)
Thursday-Crockpot tatertot casserole
Friday is leftovers for the kids and a date night for hubby and I.

In an effort to get back to bulk cooking I browned up 7lbs of ground beef and added taco seasoning.  I have 6 cups of pinto beans crockpotting so we will have refried beans in the freezer.

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BETHANY said...

Having a menu makes life so much easier! And having a micro kitchen will make you appreciate your regular one so much more once you finally get it. :)