Friday, March 22, 2013


We received our first batch of 25 chickens four weeks ago.  It was not a happy day for us.  The post office called and I had my phone on do not disturb so  I didn't get the call until 8 am.  The nice lady at the office let me know that she had peeked into the box and she thought that over half of them were dead.  That is 13 chickens that didn't even make it home.  We lost another three over the course of 48 hours.  There were tears and proclamations that we were chicken killers all for the sake of eggs. ( the drama of young boys!) The company we ordered from sent us a fresh batch of 25 the next week.  Three of those didn't make it within 48 hours, but all the tears had been used up the week before and no burials were performed for them.  Our kids were farm hardened all ready.
Mixing the two batches took less than a day.

 Such good guardians.  The run is not fully enclosed on top yet so the kids sit out there and do school while keeping an eye on the birds.

 Piper just wants to herd them!
On Tuesday we moved 29 of the 32 out to the newly finished chicken coop.  The other three were recovering from wounds due to overcrowding.  All three of those have now been reunited with the flock.  My kids are loving them.  I'm loving the fact that I am no longer sharing 400 sq ft with 32 chickens at night :)

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