Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Choose Virtues REVIEW

When this product arrived in the mail I eagerly opened it, the packaging alone made me.  I was met with adorable engaging characters, each of whom represented one of thirteen virtueville kids.  We Choose Virtues creates a fun way to teach and learn virtues for the homeschooler or traditional schooler.
In the same mail package I received one of their parenting cards.  The full set retails for $34.99.  These cards are just what you need to get started teaching virtues.  They provide ideas, virtue challenges, teachable moments,verses, and character bios on the back.  It takes the one virtue and wraps it all up in a thick card stock half sheet.
We Choose Virtues offers many supplements too. Sent as a PDF was a kids of virtueville coloring book $3.00. My 8 year old daughter enjoyed coloring the virtue of the week. I let her use my highlighters as a treat :).

We used this product in our homeschool. The way I approached it was during our bible time. Once I had finished our standard curriculum I brought out the clue cards. The first week I brought out the virtue kind. Our living situation right now lends itself to some short fuses and mean words. It is something I have been working on with the kids but yelling " be nice" was not working so well! Go figure! So I started with the clue card. It stated: I am kind in my words and actions. The verse associated with it was from Proverbs. Now when my kids were bickering and being mean, rather than yell at them I just repeated the catch phrase, I am kind with my words and actions. Whew! A load was taken off of me. I could keep my head and model kindness while getting a gentle point across. It worked so well my 16 year old daughter repeated it to the chicks who were picking on one another in the coop! We reviewed the virtue and the verse each day. By doing this it opened up conversations with the kids and in general kindness was returning in words and actions. Our next virtue we choose was diligence as my son is studying to be a memory master and the test is coming up. Asking him if he is being diligent is a lot easier to say and hear than "have you studied yet?"
We Choose Virtues offers many different packages and supplements. You can buy a whole package or pick and choose. The wonderful creator of this product is offering 20% off the homeschool kit during April. Use the code home20. For 15% off any product enter the code virtue15 at checkout. These codes can not be combined.
I encourage you to browse the website and see all that is offered. The accommodate different bible versions and have some secular products as well. I love this product so much I will be purchasing the parent cards to enhance our bible time. My kids enjoyed it too. They loved the love able characters and could relate easily. By using this product I have been able to improve an area of my parenting that has sorely needed a tune up!

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