Monday, February 28, 2011

Avery News

Avery went to the orthopedic today for a recheck (we go about every six months) this appointment has only been about 4 months since her last one.  Anyways she had x-rays done of her arms.  There are 5 osteochondromas up by her shoulder joint total.  4 on one arm one on the other.  Right now one of them is too close to the growth plate so no surgery.  Her right knee is also causing problems again.  The original bump is back and another one is causing numbness and pain occasionally.  The plan is to wait about 4 months and head in for surgery.  Hopefully the one osteochondroma on the shoulder will have moved away from the growth plate enough for Dr P to be comfortable going after it.  Surgery will be at all three sites.  Two arms and a leg.  While that sounds like a lot it means one time in the OR, one hospital stay, and one bill.  Avery is a trooper when it comes to recovering so I have no qualms about having all three sites done at once.
The bad news is our beloved ortho is leaving the practice and will not be able to see Avery come winter.  This saddens us immensely as this ortho has been with us through this whole journey and Avery absolutely loves her.  She will however do Avery's surgery in a few months.
Avery as far as we know does not verbalize her pain from these osteochondromas.  She has slowed down on our walks which lets us know that she is feeling some pain, but that pain is a normal feeling for her.
On another note the ortho thinks Avery has enough of limb length difference to have recommended a lift in one shoe.  It is a small lift but should help even out her hips a bit and help alleviate any posturing that she does to compensate.
This all sounds awful but in reality it is not.  Avery functions normally and is very active.  She loves life and embraces it fully.


Lauren said...

I does all sounds awful, but I know that sweet, strong willed girl will do just fine. I'm glad it doesn't slow her down too much. I'll pray that the one move far enough away from the growth plate so that it can be removed.

Dade City Grandparents said...

Avery, we are proud of you for being such a trooper! We look forward to seeing you in two weeks!
We thank God for you.
You are in our prayers.
Love to all the family.

Susan in the Boonies said...

Well, I hate hearing that. But I admire your strong, brave girl, and you. :hug: