Thursday, February 3, 2011


We have change going on in our homeschool  It's all good just different.  After a year from H-E double hockeysticks, what with diagnosis, surgery, more surgery, and depression......  I have finally decided to do something different.  My kids suffered from a checked out mom last school year and I have been having a tough time getting things done in school because emotionally I am recalling last years failures and adding them to this years.
I have moved my eldest into her daddy's home office where she sits and does her work where he can see her and keep her accountable.  She is away from all her annoying and highly distractive siblings.  We had pulled her out of PE as a consequence but she will be joining again next week as a reward for taking this change with a good attitude.
The other change happening is my newly minted teenager, Hannah, will be starting Classical Conversations Challenge A class.  It is a once a week class with instruction in 5 courses.  They then have assignments that  I will assist with for the other four days of the week.  She knows 3/4 of the kids in the class all ready and I think it will be a challenging but good fit for her.
In the fall I plan on signing up the other 3 for the elementary portion of CC, Foundations.  Ian will take the additional afternoon class called Essentials.
I will still be homeschooling but we have a bit more accountability with the tutor and some fantastic classroom discussion that I just couldn't get to at home.

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Susan in the Boonies said...

Ch-ch-ch-changes can be g-g-g-good!!!

Hope yours turn out well!!!