Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strep........neg Flu ..........positive

Poor Neil.  All the kids tested neg for strep but Neil tested positive for Flu A.  He is on tamiflu and doing well.  Honestly he wasn't sick enough to be dx with flu.  
Clorox wipes, lysol, and hand sanitizer have all been pressed into service.  We are praying he doesn't share..... have I told you I have a surprise weekend planned for just hubby and me?  Yes I do.  I have it all arranged and then the flu germ decides to set up shop in our house.  But by the Grace of God I have an amazing friend who is still willing to watch our kids germs and all because she knows how important a weekend away is with your man (plus there's payback :) )
Prayers appreciated because really when someone volunteers to take all five of your kids for the weekend you really don't want to infect them with the flu.

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Lauren said...

I hope Neil-sie feels better SOON. The flu is no fun! And, I hope that everyone else can avoid getting it.