Sunday, March 6, 2011

Avery got a lift

Avery got her lift Thursday.  It is a 1cm (~3/8 inch) lift.  It is shaped like a shoe insole and goes under her insole in her left shoe.  It makes her legs line up so she doesn't have to pop her right leg out when she stands (her right leg is longer).  It is taking some getting used to as her foot rides higher in her shoe.  She is also not used to having her legs the same leg so she still compensates by popping the leg out but that should resolve itself as she becomes more aware of the lift.  This lift should last for a year.
Interesting information I got yesterday though via an instructional paper from the orthotics place.
0-2 cm LLD (leg length discrepency) no action required, however a lift might make one more comfortable
2-5 cm LLD surgical procedure to temporarily stop the long leg from growing.  (we have been informed of this procedure)
5-15cm LLD surgery to lengthen the short bone
>15 prothesis.

My other favorite tid bit from the day.  Signs all over the waiting room about the patient being late would classify them as a walk in and they would be seen when possible.  However, we waited for an HOUR beyond our appointment before we were seen.  Nice.  The actual appointment took 10 minutes.  John ended up having to grab the big kids from PE since I still had a second errand to run in that part of town.


Lauren said...

I hope she will adapt to her lift quickly.

Susan in the Boonies said...

Sending you and Avery some love. Hoping that she adapts quickly, too!