Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 goals......28 days

There is a saying from somewhere that after 28 days of doing something it becomes habit.  Well I have tried to make all sorts of things habits and it just never seems to stick past day 4.  In an attempt to be more productive with my day I had to do something.  In the past I have always made huge lists of what I wanted to change and by day 4 I was discouraged and gave up.
Around the internet I have seen people doing 3 goals in 30 and it got me thinking about the fact that maybe I was not designed to bite off huge chunks of new endeavors and be successful.  So I chose 3 things a little over two weeks ago to take a shot at.  One was easy enough, two were things I have struggled with in the past.
I am happy to report that 16 days in and I have had success each day.  Two days ago I did forego one as I had run out of a supply but I made up for it that afternoon.
So what are my three goals?
1. Get up before 7am.  For any of you that know me you know how difficult this is for me.  I homeschool for a reason people!  But I needed to set this goal in order to get my day started and functioning before kids got up otherwise goal number two would never happen.
I've accomplished this by setting my alarm for 6:45 and hitting snooze twice.  Now some of you are doing the math and saying "if your snooze is 9 minutes like mine you are getting up after 7am".  My clock, however, at some point got set 5 minutes ahead.  I've also given myself permission to take short naps during the day if needed.  It has helped me adjustSo there you have it.
2.  Do my Bible Study.  I am attending BSF this year.  There is daily homework for 6 days of the week.  In the past I would get up super early Wednesday morning and hammer the whole thing out ...or not.  It only took the lecturer sitting next to me with a blank sheet to decide I needed to change some habits around.  So now I do the daily assignment and on Wednesday mornings  I do a little reading from the chronological reading I am doing (but am desperately behind in)
3.  Start a load of laundry.  My 14 year old is in charge of laundry around here.  It doesn't always get done in a timely matter though.  She also only pulls the chute of which my husband and I's clothes are not a part of.  I have taken to getting up in the morning, letting the dog out of her crate (she resides in the laundry room) while I load up the washer.

There you have it my 3 goals.  Waking up is harder to do especially since we are heading into spring break next week.  But I am determined to make this a habit so it will be up and at em even during spring break.


Susan in the Boonies said...

Good work, Traci! That is awesome! BSF like normally sized meals eaten on a daily basis is FAR better than BSF SuperSizeMe meals shoved down in an hour.

I got up early myself this morning to work on my lesson!

Isaiah is a hard study, I think, but I'm glad I've stuck with it.

Doreen said...

I love these goals and I think I'll steal them for myself. They are exactly what I need. I'm strolling through on the Blog Walk and now I'm a follower! It's great to read a personal post outside of Crew business. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Way to go! I do not like getting up early either. Maybe I should set some goals, I'm not good at that either. I'm stopping by on the Blog Walk this week.