Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A trip to the oncologist who is now my hematologist

I am cancer free.  I avoided or survived take your pick, but you won't find me wearing pink anytime soon :)
However we have finally addressed my anemia problem.  Basically right now my red cells suck.  I spent 3 and half hours on an iron iv today.  They tossed a little Benydryl and steroids in to make it fun and to stop the reaction I had, which was similar to me standing in a grassy field.  Nasal congestion, snot and a bit of wheeze.  Nothing alarming and nothing a second cocktail of Benydryl couldn't handle.   I will go back for the next two weeks for another iron drip.  Then back to the doctor right before Christmas to see if this worked.  I had a nice chat with a man battling pancreatic cancer.  Just so you know we are all in this fight against cancer together doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, whether you are in the middle of your cancer battle or avoiding the battle by eliminating the risk.  Pretty humbling to sit in there today JUST getting an Iron drip when a few months down the road it could have been a chemo drip.  Praising God for dodging this bullet.
In other exciting news I CAN DRIVE again!  Woohoo.  Celebrated with driving to a pack meeting for Ian's pack.
And in other news I cancelled my expansion for tomorrow and will get another one next Wednesday.  I just need some time off.  Only 1/2 a pain pill at night to take the edge off the sensations, and soreness.  I can see the last few pages of this chapter in my life and it feels good DANG IT!

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Lorri said...

sounds great! Take your time on the fills and go at your own pace...you might even have him do a "half" fill so that it's less painful. I'm so glad PINK is not your color!