Monday, November 9, 2009

Recovery isn't just all physical

I am struggling with my recovery.  The physical recovery is going fairly well.  Incisions are healed, feeling is returning, and scabs are falling off.  The muscle soreness is almost tolerable during the day but not at night.  I am struggling with the mental recovery.  3 weeks now I have had to let others serve me.  Now I don't say serve with an air about me, I say it because that is what others are doing for me.  But the downside to that is I'm tired of being a patient.  I want to be whole, off pain meds, able to sleep at night, able to drive to the store or anywhere else I want to go.  I want to cook for my family.  Please do not get me wrong, the people who have stepped up and taken care of us through rides, meals, visits, and errands have BLESSED us tremendously and I am not ungrateful.  I am just at the point in my recovery where I can do most things for myself but the few things that i can not do have an impact on my independence.  My goal this week is to get out of the house more (lets hope the weather cooperates).  I plan on canceling my plastic surgery appointment this week because I want to go on a 24 hour campout with my family.  I am able to go and it is within guidelines so don't go telling me to take it easy.  I can sit in camp chair and visit and go on a short hike.  I also have an oncology appointment tomorrow but I may have to cancel that as well due to the fact that I have bit of a sinusy thing going on.  No fever, no cough but man I would hate to be the one to cause a cancer patient illness.  I will evaluate my health before 5 pm and make the call then.
Just keeping it real.


TexasHeather said...

Traci, I continue to pray for your complete recovery -- body, mind, soul & spirit. Camping with the family sounds like a wonderful thing, if you ask me.

Cory & Kris Thede said...

Praying for you here too. That you know when to push and when to rest. Fauche.

adam_grover said...


sorry to hear that you are struggling with the recovery time, hang in there! I will phone you tomorrow, but I will understand if you are not feeling well enough to take the call. You have been in our thoughts constantly. I'm pleased that you are taking a trip. I'm sure it will help boost your spirits. Take it easy though.
Love, Diana