Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Behind

Going on record to say that I did manage to get up this morning and have some quiet time.  Now that BSF is over I am trying to catch up on my chronological reading plan via youversion on my iPhone.  So heres the deal........I'm behind!  Nothing new there.  But for the first time ever it bugs me to be behind.  The next few weeks will find me doubling and tripling my reading in the morning until I am caught up.  Then I will take it day by day and journal some of my thoughts on the passages I have read.  Since I am lacking blog material I might post a few of those notes here.
Just to show you how far behind I am.... the red is all dates I haven't completed.  I didn't realize I had missing dates in March this morning or I would have started there.  I did connect March with April this morning.
Hold me accountable if you feel led.

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Leslie said...

I'm doing the YouVersion Bible too! I'm doing the Bible in One Year plan, and really like the "Catch me up" button! I didn't start till March, though, so I'm a bit behind you. I'll check up on you if you'll check up with me! :)