Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Closer

We are getting closer to the end of our school year.  We have about three weeks left.  Hannah has wrapped up her classical conversations Challenge A class so she spends her days helping me read to others, reading books that she never go to, or working on some project or other.  I have senioritis still!  My new curriculum guide is here and I have been looking it over.  My planner also arrived so I have been working on setting that up.  Plans are being made to gut the school room in June and start over fresh.  Not with furniture but with supplies and books.  A little rearranging is in order as well, i think.
I'm excited about next year.  It will be a new program for us both with My Father's World and Classical Conversations.  I needed change.
I need to get back on the bandwagon of getting up before seven and doing my quiet time. With BSF over I have become very slack in my daily time and since my iron tanked I haven't been able to manage getting up before seven except for when I served on a Tres Dias weekend where I lived on caffeine for seventy two hours!
Growth is happening in this house.  Growth in our kids character and John and I's.  Honestly sometimes it would be easier to just be my old self.  So pray for our family as we work on our relationships.  Rebuilding some damaged bridges, finding joy in being a mom, wife and homemaker again.  True joy not just a fakey "yep wouldn't change a thing" joy.

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