Friday, May 27, 2011


I have made progress in my Bible reading.  I had a friend step up and volunteered to hold me accountable.  It helps knowing that if I don't read than she might wake up on the Pacific coast and question my lazy rear! So here is my progress.  Ok and because I am struggling with rearranging pics on the blog this morning you have the after first.  Scroll down for before!
 I have almost closed the gap in March.  Today's reading is partially done because I was busy in the March readings. 


Leslie said...

Good job, Traci! I'm proud of you!

You're doing better than I am, though..I didn't do my reading today! :(

Briana said...

Wow, you are making progress.

I found your blog on the crew blog walk.

Hannah Hoffmann said...

Thanks for keeping up with us. I keep feeling like one day I'll probably homeschool, so it's nice to see what types of things you're doing with your kids. There is a group here who uses the classical conversations curriculem. I've heard good things.
I totally understand about finding joy in daily life. It truly is a moment by moment thing and a daily work of the Holy Spirit. Blessings to you!

Kathie said...


What program is this Bible reading plan in?