Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What we are using this year.........for the younger 3

I- 5th Grade
He is doing Core 5 exploring the Eastern Hemisphere.  So far he has mapped and explored the Pacific Islands, Antartica and now Australia.  For Language Arts he is doing Monarch 500 online.  Science is combined with the littles (I expect more complete sentences and vocabulary cards).  For that we are using Apologia's Exploring Creation Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  It is all about insects and birds.  Right up the boys alley.  Handwriting is A Reason For Handwriting E.  Math- Horizons 5

N-2nd Grade
N is doing Core 2 which is part 2 of World History from Sonlight.  Language Arts is Sonlight's LA 2 for advanced readers.  Spelling is A Reason For as well as Handwriting.  Science is the same as Ian's.  He is also using MCP Plaid D for phonics and Wordly Wise C for Vocabulary.  Horizons 2 math which he started last year is being wrapped up and then he will move on to level 3.  He is a voracious reader and is consuming books as fast as the girls.

A-1st Grade
A is doing Core 2 which is part 2 of World History from Sonlight.  Language Arts we are using a mix of things.  Sonlight's LA worksheets for K and Beginning Readers.  Spelling is a Reason For Level A.  Phonics is included with her spelling so for now we are using that.  Handwriting is also a Reason For.  Math is Horizons 1 which she started last year.  We are working on perfecting and speeding up our reading.  Today she read from the Beginners Bible for me :)

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Luke said...

May this be your best year yet [smile].