Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with hands on projects

Today I decided to do something out of character for me... I pulled out the hands on kits and did a project with N and A that wasn't scheduled.  Shocked??  I was.  :)
So what did we do you ask?  Well after pinning a cicada that decided despite the lysol in the relaxer that it was going to grow mold, I pulled out this kit and the instructions for the catapult.  I have all the kits Hands and Hearts offer.  Most of them are undone.  Why?  Because I feel I don't have time or the space in the school day to do them.  Well I'm wrong.  My kids love them and hands on learning really is what it is all about.  The catapult fits into our current study of the Vikings.  We are reading Usborne book of Time Traveler.  The vikings raided other villages.  Whether or not they used catapults to do so I have no idea but it fit with what was in the box so I went with it.  The littles enjoyed launching animals with it.  It is currently in the shop for repairs though!
From Aug 30, 2010

Fun fact (or disgusting depending on how you look at it): In the middle ages they would load dead animals into the catapult and launch them over the castle walls if they were unable to leave the walls due to threat of enemy.

Pinned Cicada

From Aug 30, 2010
A myriad of insects in the "kill" jars.  N fed the one a tomato so I am not sure it should be considered a kill jar
From Aug 30, 2010

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