Friday, May 14, 2010

TOS Review: e-book Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler

I was asked to review this product by The Homeschool Crew as I have "older" kids.  Exactly when did "my" kids get older?  Thirteen years ago homeschooling wasn't even on my radar, now I'm gearing up to homeschool one through high school.  Seriously... high school?
Aging crisis aside...  When I loaded the e-book and read the title it took awhile to register in my brain that I was indeed graduating a junior higher in just 4 short weeks and that this  e-book did indeed pertain to my current life stage.

 Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler provides encouragement to parents about to embark on high school.  This $12 e-book published by TOS is a compilation of 13 short essays from a variety of homeschooling parents who have been there done that and lived to tell about it.  Amanda Bennett provides an introduction while Deborah Wuehler wraps it up in the epilogue.

Each family's way of going about high school is different, but one thing remained the same for all of them, they sought the Lord's wisdom in the path they should pursue.  Reading how each of them sought the Lord reminded me that I am not the one in charge of my children's educational path.  Relief from buried anxieties flowed through me as I read how each high schooling path was as varied as the child and teacher forging it.  High school does not have to fit any preconceived mold, even within the same gene pool!   I enjoyed reading the different ways the families pursued the high schooling years, whether dual enrollment, apprenticeships, or life skills focused.  It offered insight into finding what was right for each child, by seeking the Lords' direction to suit their individual temperaments, talents and passions.

The final pages of this e-book are filled with resources and web links - from transcripts to general help.  I look forward to grabbing a few of the recommended books to read over the summer.

If you value peace of mind as you approach the high school years, this book is invaluable.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product for review purposes


The Hayes Zoo said...

Aging crisis and homeschooling. Yikes. :) I'm gettin' there and it's scaring me to death.

LOVE the comment about 'Relief from buried anxieties flowed through me'....I may have to copy that one....for homeschooling and frankly, LIFE right now.

Oh and if it helps with your aging crisis - you look waaaaay younger than anyone *I* know with an almost high-schooler. :)

Blessings on the new road...

Traci said...

If you keep telling me I look young you can be my friend forever :) I choked up last night as my 8th grader had her last Jr High event at church and we were introduced to the High School program ::gulp::

The Burkherts said...


Nice job on your test review! You made some very good points! Having graduated two, and 8 to go, it is always good to remember, that we need to seek His face and go with the direction He has for each of them. Thank you for that reminder.

No need for an aging crisis, getting older is a "rite of passage". With that "rite of passage" it allows us so many privileges, lol! Take it and run with it!

Blessing to you!

Terri from the Crew