Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Tri

Picked up my packet and swag bag for the tri tomorrow.  The nerves flared as soon as that cute little tech shirt was in my hands.  The swag bag... full of goodies, cap color... red, popcorn flavor.... dill pickle??  really dill pickle flavored popcorn?  Pass on that one.
I'm ready.  I wish I would have been able to train harder but the calf strain put a crimp in my training schedule.  Tomorrow's goal ...... finish (preferably not in last)
I have a sweet friend who is getting up at dark o' thirty to go with me.  She was going to race it but had to withdraw so she is volunteering and being my car trip buddy.  She has done tri's more recently so I am mooching some supplies off her and her wealth of knowledge.
I will report back tomorrow with how I fared, hopefully with photographic evidence.

Pic coming later of the swag..........


Lauren said...

WOW! Very impressive! Good luck. Can't wait to see pictures.

adam_grover said...

Good Luck Traci! I'm glad that you're getting back into doing tri's and doing something for yourself.

John said...

Not to distract you from schooling or anything, but your fans are in need of a triathalon update :)