Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One week

The house is coming together.  Just three more rooms to tackle and then I can turn it over.  School is functioning.
Appointments are almost completed.  Deductible met, out of pocket almost met.
Still freaking out.


TexasHeather said...

I'm pretty sure I'd be freaking out too. We will continue to stand in the gap for you and pray for you & your family, so you can freak out in peace. (oxymoron there, huh? I hope you know what I mean, though)

Lorri said...

Praying here too...He is our peace!

TexasHeather said...

just back today to say I prayed for your pre-op stuff this morning and for you in general as you wait & get ready. Hugs & Prayers from Brazil.

TexasHeather said...

Praying today for the surgeries tomorrow. What time do you go in (so we can pray)?

adam_grover said...


We are thinking of you daily and sending you positive thoughts. Stay strong.

Love, The Grovers