Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heading towards a train wreck

Now that a surgery date is set I feel like I'm headed towards a train wreck.  All this time I have moved along with a surgery day sometime in the future.  Now that it is set I am hurtling towards it.  I have a lot to do and set up so that others can take over my household.  Turning over my dirty laundry for instance is a real test of faith.  I mean really do you want your friends to know that you should really have run a bleach load oh a few months ago but you have learned to live with dingy underwear and socks.  I'm all for people bringing meals and entertaining kids but turning over the bowels of my home might be more than I can think about.  Maybe John should set that up while I am loopy on pain meds :)  I have set up rides for the kids since that will be one thing I can not do for several weeks.  Now I am off to find shirts (cheap) that I can slip on like a jacket since raising my arms won't be easy either for awhile.


Quentin&Heather said...

Praying that all the details, from dirty laundry to button-up shirts, from rides to dinners, that everything you need comes together beautifully. -TexasHeather

Cory & Kris Thede said...

Focus on those good times with your kids. Your friends will be focused on helping you and not how bright your whites are. Praying for peace, that you find some really cool, cheap shirts that you like and that you get things lined up so you don't have to worry.

Lorri said...

Here's some tips: send out all the laundry except your "unmentionables." Problem solved!

Yes, get those button/zip down shirts or pj tops. I liked having the cotton vests from the American Cancer Society...they are pricey but well worth it for your post surgery time (you will use again in the exchange surgery.)

We carried your name in the Denver Race for the Cure yesterday - I'll email you a photo!

Thinking of you and here if you need me!