Monday, October 26, 2009

One week post op

7 days ago I had my bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction surgery.  Dr L found no surprises during the mastectomy and all tissue was sent to the path lab.  Dr. S was able to place the expanders with no real problems other than my skin was a little tight.  I spent 3 nights in the hospital.  I was only supposed to be there 2 but my hemoglobin tanked and they started talking blood transfusion.  My first draw preop had me anemic I believe at a 9, thursday morning draw had me at 7.2.  Surgeon wasn't concerned as I wasn't exhibiting any other symptoms.  They redrew immediately and it had gone down to a 7.  Plan to redraw in the afternoon was made as well as an increase to the pain medication.  There was some misunderstanding in my drug induced state that I could continue the pain pump and still be eligible for release.  I had no concept of time in my stoned state but I knew getting home was key so I did not hit the pain pump after early Thursday morning.  Then they realized I was under pain medicated and uped the dosage.  Thing is the nurses were not allowed to wake me every four hours to give me pain meds.  I had to request them.  Again I was time retarded and couldn't remember if it was 5 minutes or hours ago that I had had meds.  I ended up hurling Thursday night from dinner (food was awful) and was glad that I stayed that night.  My nurse and I came to an uderstanding that she would check on me and make us much noise as possible in order for me to wake and "request" meds.  Anyways I got home friday and lived in the recliner for several days.  I have good days, horrible days and tolerable days.  I just wish they built on one another.  Yesterday was a great day, today was awful.  Not all of it is pain related it's emotional and mental as well.  I see my plastic surgeon on Wednesday to discuss what is next and have everything evaluated.  My inlaws were here for a week and just left today.  My church small group is having a lady  come and clean our house for us tomorrow.  Dinners are coming for the next two weeks at least.  We are well cared for.


Lorri said...

Praying for you and sending gentle hugs! Love, Lorri

TexasHeather said...

Glad to see you back; continuing to pray for your complete recovery - body, mind & spirit.