Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the morning

Avery has surgery in the morning. She is peacefully sleeping on the crib mattress in our room. I don't want her to wake up and hit the pantry for something to eat first thing in the morning. Her and I will head out around 6am arrive at the hospital at 6:30 for check in and PAYMENT! Dr. P is scheduled to start the surgery at 8am. John will drop the other 3 off at a friends house at 7:30 and join me in the waiting room. He will stick around until she is coherant and we are debriefed by the Doc. He will then pick up the kids, go home and get some work done, receive a dinner cooked by another wonderful friend and then bring all the kids back to the hospital to see Avery. She should be released Friday morning. You can follow updates here or friend me on facebook where more updates will happen as well as pictures.


Dade City Grandparents said...

We are all praying for our sweet Avery! and Traci and all the family!

Lauren said...

Praying for Avery!!