Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mean Mom and a new routine

My two oldest girls have a semi standing playdate every Wednesday with another homeschooler.  I call it semi standing because my girls have fallen into the category of expecting recreation without putting in school time.  In the past I have caved so as not to disappoint the friend.  Not so anymore I cancelled it today.  I think just maybe my girls got it.  You see they worked very diligently today.  However they had not the past two days so there was some ground to be made up.  I didn't budge.  Work wasn't done by 4 no playdate.  Now before you go saying I am wrecking my children's social outlet they had kids here tonight for a weekly gathering (otherwise known as babysitting).
I am hoping this is a turning point for the kids to see that I was serious and actually followed through.
Our new evening routine is working out well.  After spending 4 weeks leading up to Christmas reading Jotham's Journey every night before bed (kids called it Jammies for Jotham), John and I decided to keep it up.  We are currently reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond, a read-aloud that we fell behind on in Ian's American History Core.  The girls have heard it before and the littles could care less but it is family time.  The kids willingly get jammies on.  Tonight they sorted socks while I read :)  For us it is good ole fashioned family time.  All 7 of us in one room for about 20 minutes with the only technology being the light bulbs.  Our next book will be another American History favorite Johnny Tremain.  I love that they love to listen and want to still be read to.  We even get the occasional good natured fighting over who gets to sit next to mom or dad.

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Theresa said...

Way to go, Mom!

I really miss those read aloud times myself.