Monday, January 5, 2009

6 more months

I forgot I hadn't updated here on blogger about Avery's orthopedic appointment.  She had x-rays taken of her right leg (two different shots) and then a standing x-ray from the hips down.  All x-rays showed no significant change in tumor size, limb length discrepency, or leg angulation.  All of this is great news.  And all it really means is we will go back in 6 months for another knee x-ray.  The standing x-ray will be done once a year or as needed.  Avery of course charmed the x-ray tech out of 2 stickers which she put on the back of her MHE journal I made, she also finagled a sucker on her way out.  She then acted like an only child with both John and I's complete attention as we walked over to Starbucks.  She then proudly ordered a tall vanilla cream (after her daddy tried to explain economics to her, with your $5 gift card you could either get 4 hot cocoas or 2 vanilla creams) and used her gift card.  She earned a free tall drink on her receipt by just having her mom fill out an online survery.  So she managed to get 3 vanilla creams out of that card as opposed to 4 hot cocoas!  She wouldn't share with either of us.
So in 6 months we will return.  Until then we forget and live life :)


JTOG said...

Cute! =)

Theresa said...

Oh, that's good news! My dd23 had her surgery in July on both legs, two places on each. She's recovering well and can hike about an hour now.