Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

In the blog world Thursday usually mark a "Thankful Thursday" blog.  Today being Thursday and Thanksgiving I thought I would share what I am thankful for.
My husband.  He is an amazing man who puts up with me (dad I know you're chuckling:)  )
My kids.  Yes they drive me nuts but oh man they are the JOY of my life.  My oldest, Claire, is catching up to me in height at the age of 12.  She looks like me and is thrilled to be raiding my shoes and pants.  My Hannah is a talented smart girl in a lot of areas.  Ian is my man.  He is only 8 but occasionally I get glimpses of him as a man and it makes me proud to see him acting like his daddy.  Neil, this one is the reason I have grey hair!  But I am thankful that he is here and makes me laugh with the silly stuff he comes up with.  Avery is our bonus baby, um excuse me big girl.  I am thankful for the light that she brings to all our lives.  
I am thankful that I live right where I do (although I wish all our family could be right next door, but it gives us opportunity to travel and visit)
I am thankful for family.  They call us when we don't call them and they love us despite of it. 
I am thankful for nieces and nephews :)
I am thankful for friends, 15 of whom are joining us today for dinner.
I am thankful for the Lord Jesus
Basically I am thankful for everything.  Today is a beautiful day
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and dad I will call you later!

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