Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Break

The grandparents arrived and we are officially on Christmas break.  Plans include a trip to the Texas Ranger Museum and the Dr. Pepper Museum (there really is a museum for everything).  We plan on baking one day, where I will work in some fraction work  ::evil laugh:: and then sharing the goodies with our neighbors.
It has been cold here, although cold here is relative I know.  But because of the cold it was really hard to drag my rear out of bed to swim this morning, so I didn't. I plan on going tonight and maybe getting in a swim in the morning as well.  I am fighting a case of swimmers ear and the cold isn't helping.  Swimming with a bright orange ear plug in one ear is very trendy as well.  Poor coach I keep saying "what?" to everything he says.  I just can't hear with the darn thing in my best hearing ear while the other is full of water.  I did go Saturday and logged an impressive 3000 yards.  Come the new year I will be setting my goal at 4x a week and moving up to masters.  I need to figure out a way to increase my protein levels as I am getting stomped mid day on swim days.
Off for some Ranger History and DP!

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