Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 4 of Operation Get Trailer

Today is the day!  We managed to get lost!  As much as I love my Iphone I get frustrated with the multiple names that each street has, apparently it gives the maps a run for their money and puts us several streets (or miles) in the wrong direction.  But despite all that we arrived at the wholesalers and started inspecting the trailer.  Its a 2009 Rockwood Roo 233.  About 23 feet long and sleeps 10.  It is so much fun!  The kids loved testing the beds. John and I got a rundown on the systems while the crew hitched our truck up for us.  We pulled out of there a few hours later and settled ourselves and Indian Lake State Park just a few miles from the dealer for our shakedown night.  And what a shakedown night it was.  We unhitched and ran to Walmart to stock up on trailer supplies.  Got back had some dinner and set up camp. First order of business was to install our state map.  We had debated as a family what would constitute putting the state sticker on.  choices were a.) if we drove in it and actually got out and set foot in it
b.) if Neil peed on a roadside in the state :)
c.) spend the night in the state.
C won and so we stuck Ohio on as our first state slept in in the trailer.
 Then the rain came and came and came.  Only one minor leak and we think it had to do with how the zippers were positioned on the boys bed.  But for the amount of rain we got we were dry and toasty.

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