Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 2 Operation Get Trailer

Our second day started with the hotel breakfast.  Neil and Avery kept eating and eating.  Needless to say we got our moneys worth on that stay :)  We had a few Little Rock sights we wanted to see so we checked out and loaded up.  First on the list was a view of the capitol building.  We found it interesting that we had left Austin (capitol of Texas, stayed in Little Rock, capitol of Arkansas and were headed to Nashville capitol of Tennessee) On the grounds of the capitol was a set of bronze statues depicting the "Little Rock 9"  A group of black students who entered Central High School when it was desegregated.  After circling the grounds we were off in search of Central High school National Historic Site.  We located it with ease and were the only ones in the memorabilia museum.  We learned that all 9 are still alive and were present at the 50 year celebration.  The school is still functioning today as a magnet charter school.  It is a gorgeous school which has undergone some landscaping upgrades.
After spending some time in the museum and viewing the campus from the street we lo
aded back up with our sights set on Tennessee.  On our way out of town we caught a glimpse of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library as we crossed the river.  Memphis he
ld our next destination, the I-40 welcome center.  The kids posed with Elvis, whose alarm rang when Neil touched his bronzed foot!  
John got to see a tugboat pushing several barges up the river.  Memphis held a lot to see but we pressed on to Nashville where family was putting us up for the night with the promise of great local fried chicken within walking distance of their house.  I tried to get a shot of the second cousins all to
gether but you can see how that turned out! 
 We had a wonderful time with the M's and their hospitality was much appreciated. 

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If you go to Springfield, MO stop into Honey Heaven! :)