Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 1 of operation get trailer

We left Austin later than usual (go figure).  We headed out with the dog and dropped her at the kennel.  John bought her some nice smoked something or others to chew on while there.  We also scheduled her for a 45 minute adventure walk halfway through her stay.  We then hit the open highway.  We hit NO traffic.  After many roadside bathroom breaks for Neil we were approaching Dallas.  After a little searching on the iphone we found a Jason's Deli and stopped for lunch.  We finally crossed into Arkansas and stopped at the welcome center.  We have found these to be an invaluable source of information (and bathrooms).  This one had a playground with a jumpy seesaw.  Avery got her first souvenir, a bruised chin from the seesaw.   We continued on to Little Rock our first scheduled hotel night.  After checking in we headed for the riverfront which looked to have been recently redone.  There was a fabulous park that was 4 months old that the kids clamoured on for awhile.  It had a long slide that dumped below ground into a series of short tunnels that offered rock walls to climb back up.  Luckily the kids stuck together because it was a mothers worst nightmare trying to find them all in the various tunnels.
Based on recommendation from the hotel staff for a local place to enjoy dinner we wandered into the Flying Fish  We all enjoyed the fried fish and hush puppies.  Yum Yum.  We wandered up and down President Clinton Blvd.  On a Monday not too much was happening.  We turned in back at the hotel with the hope of seeing some of Little Rocks attractions in the morning

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