Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sucking wind AKA Barnacle club

I finally did it.  
What you ask?
I signed up for adult fitness swim class.
Those of you who know me know that I love to sleep and since we homeschool waking up around 8 is ok.  But this morning I was up at 5 yes am!  I was in the water at 5:30 and sucking wind by 5:35!!  Holy cow am I out of shape.  Once I realized that I was not in the fitness lane but the slow lane of the masters class I quickly changed lanes!  Once in the fitness lane I no longer needed to be the lone member of the barnacle club.  It was a great workout.  Only about 1600m in an hour but enough for certain muscles to remind me they still exist in their sad pathetic unused state.  I go back Saturday and hope to do 3x a week for about a month or two and then bump up to 4 and then maybe 5.  We shall see how long it takes me to stop sucking wind :)

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