Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend away part 2

Saturday morning we just couldn't resist the laziness and slept in.  We got a late start to the coast but we were rested.  We rearranged the seating in the truck since the girls are gone for the week.  Here is the goof crew

We pit stopped at Camping world to 
pick up my state 
travel stickers and a camping for dummies type book.  Dh got a tire pressure 

gauge that reads high enough for the truck tires.  Then we continued on our way.  We checked into our hotel.  Then we headed to Padre National Seashore (north not south)  The Rio Grande Valley was a no travel zone after 
Dolly.  The kids donned their suits and hit the beach, testing the waves and digging in the sand.  This photo we call the Hasselhoff :)

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